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Mychal Massie


RANDOM RANTS: I Was Right Then And I Am Right Now  By Mychal Massie Copyright 2013 

Blacks Are Victims: Because They're Told They Are By Mychal Massie Copyright 2015 

It’s Unfair Black Quarterback Didn’t Win Super Bowl

It’s time to boycott the Super Bowl. It is “totally” unfair that the black quarterback did not win. The fact that the black quarterback did not win is emblematic of the inherent institutional racism of a professional league whose ownership is mostly comprised of “rich old white men.”

Cam Newton deserved to win the Super Bowl because he is black and because there hasn’t been a “real” black quarterback since 1988 (Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins) and because there have been only two black Super Bowl winning quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League. With that said, the other Super Bowl winning quarterback who is a person of color is Russell Wilson but he doesn’t really count because he is a true born-again believer, he is reported to support and practice abstinence, and he doesn’t behave like he just fell off the back of a turnip truck.

He is well spoken and comports himself as a true gentleman who is capable of speaking in complete, properly constructed sentences. So, that pretty much makes him not really black. You know how the logic goes; he acts like he’s white.


It doesn’t matter that the Denver Broncos’ outstanding linebacker, Von Miller was voted (and rightly so) the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player. And it sure doesn’t mater that he is only the fourth linebacker in history to “earn” such lofty recognition. He isn’t Cam “diaper-baby” Newton.

Cam Newton is “cool.” Yes, he’s also talented, but he’s “cool.” Which brings me, somewhat belatedly, to my obvious point.

Michael Moore, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Will Smith, and Spike Lee are not only boycotting the Academy Award presentations but they are doing their best to have Academy voters replaced and punished for not voting based on skin color. The scenario I am sarcastically calling for is (or certainly should be viewed) as stupid as the race-mongering morons behaving like babies in soiled diapers.

The Erebusic duplicity of race-mongers, and in this instance, specifically those boycotting the Academy Awards, is transpicuous. It is as selective as it is reprehensible.

I also note, Charles Barkley wasn’t the only one who understood that ESPN and the media as a whole were promoting the game as a contest of black versus white. But I digress.

The simple fact is the best person wins. And in instances where winning is based upon subjective interpretation of what is good and what isn’t, you don’t cry racism, “you say step up your game.”

I will say that Newton deserves an Academy Award nod for doing an incredible imitation of how to sulk, pout, and behave poorly when things do not go as they expect them to. His puerile petulance was as offensive as that of those boycotting the Academy Awards.

And in case if anyone is wondering; my feelings leading up to the game were that I don’t like the Broncos and I hoped Cam Newton would be denied. I am glad Newton was denied the accolades and rose petals that would have been strewn at his feet had his team won. And his insolent infantile behavior after (and on the sidelines during) the game defends my position.