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Look What's Happening to a Special Forces Vet who Dared to be a Whistleblower

Lt. Col. (Retired) Allen West  —   June 4, 2015

We’ve been a loud advocate for 1LT Lorance, and his mother has been featured on radio and TV news programs – nah, not MSNBC or CNN, mind you. And even with the knowledge that the Army withheld evidence – just as they did in the case of 1LT Michael Behenna, young Clint remains incarcerated in the same facility as Nidal Hasan.

Have y’all noticed that even with a petition that collected more than the necessary 100,000 signatures, there’s been no word from the Department of Defense, Department of the Army, and certainly not the White House? We live in a time when the family of a deserter is celebrated but ask yourself, has Clint Lorance’s mom been invited to the White House? Of course not.

Or how about the casualty of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal, Army LTC Matthew Downey? Funny, the same general involved in the Bowe Bergdahl investigation was the investigating officer in this case…same officer that President Obama has announced as the incoming U.S. Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley. We wrote about this case here as well and the apparent kangaroo court that the special-interest LGBT lobby forced on a distinguished Army combat aviator.

Why? Because at his battalion formal, he interrupted two female officers in his unit – one a captain and the other a lieutenant – who were conducting themselves in a manner unbecoming of an Army officer in public. LTC Downey sought to prevent enlisted Soldiers from taking pictures and video of the passionate same-sex kiss. Where is LTC Downey, a man who has seen his career ruined because the Army submitted itself to the false gods of special interest social “justice” – trumping good order and discipline?

Recently we shared the story of an incredibly brave Special Forces officer named Major Mathew Golsteyn. Here is a stellar combat leader who personally saved men in a combat engagement and single-handedly manned a recoilless rifle, called in close air support, and repelled an enemy attack. And now, based on circumstantial evidence Golsteyn, has been stripped of a medal for heroism under fire and his right to call himself a Green Beret and now fighting for his military career, after accusations he tracked down and killed a suspected bomb-maker in Afghanistan. Though a criminal investigation failed to find remains of his alleged victim and did not result in charges against Major Mathew Golsteyn, he has been targeted for possible dismissal from the army and the consequent loss of veteran’s benefits with a less-than-honorable discharge. Major Golsteyn’s persecution is being done specifically by a Secretary of the Army, John McHugh, who if my memory serves me correctly, has never served and the closest he’s come to combat is suffering from a paper cut. If you do not remember the story, here is a quick summary courtesy of The Guardian.

“Two months before being promoted from Captain to Major in November 2011, he had an interview with the CIA. He talked about something he’d done during the 2010 deployment before the battle near Marjah. Golsteyn “claimed to have captured and shot and buried a suspected IED bomb maker. He further went to comment that he went back out with two others to cremate the body and dispose of the remains,” according to a memo summarizing the Golsteyn case. “Capt. Golsteyn stated that he knew it was illegal but was not remorseful as he had solid intelligence and his actions protected the safety of his fellow teammates.”

“The Army’s Criminal Investigative Division, acting on the CIA’s tip, could find no one who corroborated Golsteyn’s claim to have hunted the bomb-maker after an attack that killed two Marines. Nor could they find any cremated remains of the Afghan. Despite that, investigators said “Golsteyn committed the offenses of murder and conspiracy based on the interview provided by the CIA,” according to the 29 September memo first published by the web site the Intercept. Lt Col Christopher Kasker, a spokesman for McHugh, confirmed the memo is authentic.”

In all truth, who gives a doggone about a dead IED bomb maker? Only the messiahs of politically correct combat.

I didn’t even go into detail about US Air Force Major General Craig Olson who was attacked by the infamous Mikey Weinstein for invoking and thanking God for his successful military career. Weinstein wants the general court-martialed.

I’m sure you all have far more instances that I didn’t mention. If this keeps up, ask yourself, who is going to stand and fight for our nation? Oops, that’s right, Obama wants illegal immigrants.

Nah, I like good ol’ Americans. But if there is one thing I’ve truly grown sick of it’s the sheep trying to lead lions.