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Charles Brindle

Pisgah Forest, NC


February 15, 2016 | Vol.130– No.13

I will follow the rules being used in the Republican debates. That is, when your name is mentioned in a statement you are given the opportunity to respond. Therefore, I will respond to Mr. Mockridge’s statement which totally misconstrued my letter.

The whole purpose of my letter was merely to point out how crazy this election season is. Further, if you really listen to Bernie Sanders talk, he is a socialist, no matter what he calls himself.

I was in no way saying that Socialism is a sin. How ridiculous is it to draw that conclusion. Socialism is simply a system that doesn’t work. As George Bernard Shaw said, “Anyone who robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.” You may recall that Hillary Clinton could not answer the question, “What is the difference between Socialism and the beliefs of Democrats?” By the way, that question was asked by Chris Matthews.

The statement about ministers dropping out in less than five years was simply to say, as a separate issue, that this is part of the crazy stuff going on, and to put forth the thought that it is a very troubling trend.

Charles Brendle

Pisgah Forest