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J. Christian Adams

Adams grew up in Hempfield Township in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and graduated from Hempfield Area High School.[5] Adams received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from West Virginia University, then hisjuris doctor from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1993, and was admitted to the South Carolina Bar in 1994.[6][7] From 1993 to 1997, Adams served as counsel for Jim Miles, the Secretary of State of South Carolina.[8] In 1999, the Virginia State Bar admitted Adams.[1] Adams is an Eagle Scout.[9]

The Washington Times noted in February 2001 that Adams filed a formal ethics complaint with the Florida Bar against Hugh Rodham, brother of then-U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, that accused Rodham of violating bar regulations by representing people considered for presidential pardon from former president Bill Clinton, husband of Hillary Rodham Clinton.[10] Citing United States Department of Justice confidentiality rules, the Florida Bar ruled that Hugh Rodham did not violate any rules.[11] Adams responded to the Bar by emphasizing that his complaint accused Rodham of illegally taking a contingent fee to represent the two clients appealing for a pardon.[12] The San Francisco Chronicle reported in 2003 that the Transportation Security Administration falsely placed Adams in a No Fly List along with other people with names like "J. Adams".[13]

In December 2007, Columbia, South Carolina newspaper The State reported that Adams called on increased oversight of the South Carolina Supreme Court in response to a controversy over the court reversing the grades of 20 who failed the bar exam.[8]

The United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division under the George W. Bush administration hired Adams in 2005.[14] In 2008, Adams was one of three federal attorneys probing Lake Park, Florida for possible bias against African-Americans being elected to town commission.[15]

In December 2009, Adams's supervisor and Civil Rights Division attorney Christopher Coates stepped down as chief of the voting division in December 2009 amid controversy over his objections to the dropping of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case.[14] Coates' testimony before the United States Civil Rights Commission supported Adams' allegations,[16] and the Commission's report that found "a cover-up of a possible racial double standard in law enforcement in the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice," and, detailing "a year of DOJ’s intransigence and baseless refusals to comply with our subpoenas," that "the Department of Justice is unquestionably hostile to any serious investigation of these allegations."[17] In May 2010, Adams resigned from the Justice Department.[18]

After leaving the Justice Department, Adams became counsel for the Election Law Center and a contributor to the center's blog. Additionally, he became a contributor to Pajamas Media.[5] On June 28, 2010, The Washington Times published a guest commentary by Adams in which Adams accused the Justice Department of racial bias by dropping the New Black Panthers case.[19] Subsequently, Adams accused Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez of lying under oath in investigative hearings before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.[5] On July 6, 2010, Adams testified before the Commission on Civil Rights that the Justice Department's decision was driven by racial bias against white Americans.[20]


 Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice DepartmentWashington, D.C.Regnery PublishingISBN 1596982772

New Black Pathers with Guns, Lots of Them


J. Christian Adams  —   January 8, 2016

I remember the good old days when President Obama and his Justice Department weren’t so worried about nasty racists and felons having guns. I remember when President Obama and his Justice Department refused to do anything about New Black Panthers with guns, even New Black Panthers with criminal records possessing firearms and others threatening to kill cops.

This week President Obama announced legally dubious plans to force private citizens to behave as if they were federal gun dealers and threatened to place the names of certain Americans on a list to prevent them from obtaining firearms.  He sought to expand background checks to gun transactions that Congress has long exempted from federal interference.

President Obama claimed he was very concerned about the wrong people having guns.

He wasn’t always so concerned about the wrong people having guns.

Over four years ago, I wrote a piece headlined “Eric Holder’s Continuing Favors to Criminal New Black Panthers.”

Shabazz (L) and Jackson (R)Shabazz (L) and Jackson (R)

Jerry Jackson was the New Black Panther who famously stalked a Philadelphia polling place in 2008 swinging a billy club.  The Panthers were deployed to help the president get elected by impairing access to individuals, including Republican pollwatchers there to document election illegalities.  As I noted in 2011, the racist New Black Panther Jerry Jackson was also a Democrat Party elected official:

Jackson has a long violent criminal history. He is also a Democratic Party elected official in Philadelphia, not that those two facts have anything in common, of course. He was elected in May 2010 to a seat on the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee in the 14th Ward. …It is illegal under federal law (18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1)) for any felon to possess a firearm. As one federal prosecutor told me, “these cases are among the simplest to win. It’s like taking candy from a baby. Did a felon hold a gun, or not? Period.” It matters not if the gun was loaded, or even works.”

So, is the Democrat New Black Panther Jerry Jackson indeed a felon? From my Breitbart piece:

According to this criminal complaint, in 1978, Jackson “with another black man did stab and rob comp[lainant] on the highway 4024 W. Girard Ave. . . Charged:” robbery, theft, possession of an instrument of a crime, probation offense with a weapon , criminal conspiracy, simple assault and aggravated assault. On January 10, 1979, Jackson was sentenced for robbery and criminal conspiracy convictions, both first degree felonies under Pennsylvania law.Mike Roman has reported at Election Journal that Jackson has also been arrested and served time for dealing drugs.

What about King Samir Shabazz, the other New Black Panther posing with firearms?

Here’s his record:

Jackson’s election day partner, King Samir Shabazz also has a long arrest record including possession of an instrument of a crime (guilty), simple assault (guilty), aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, burglary, another aggravated assault, criminal trespass, theft, terroristic threats, another simple assault, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, harassment, disorderly conduct, trademark counterfeiting (guilty), and unauthorized transmission of a sound recording (guilty).

Another New Black Panther posing in the above photo and kneeling with a shotgun is “Field Marshal” Najee Muhammad. As I wrote in my book Injustice:

One of them was Panther “Field Marshal” Najee Muhammad, who is seen in a Panther video called “Training Day” in which he encourages blacks in DeKalb County, Georgia, to don ski masks, lie in wait behind shrubs, andkill police officers with AK-47s.Following that exhortation he mocks the hypothetical victims’ grieving widows.

These gangsters with guns seem like the sort of people the president and Attorney General Loretta Lynch should be concerned about if you are to believe that they really care about the wrong people having guns.

Of course President Obama really is concerned about the wrong people having guns — hisdefinition of wrong.  Contrary to the Rule of Law, “wrong” is a function of who you are to this president, not what you do. Otherwise, President Obama’s Justice Department would have long ago held these gangsters accountable for their brazen disregard of the law.

This column was originally published at PJ Media.