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Art Cole


Brevard, NC

On Bathrooms, Use Common Sense

April 11, 2016 | Vol.130– No. 29

How wide is home plate? The answer is 17 inches. It’s the same size from Little League to the “Bigs.” So when an athlete can’t throw a ball over that 17-inch width, what do you do? Do you widen the plate so they can?

Using this analogy, when one person doesn’t “identify” with their biological gender, do we widen the plate and allow them to intrude on the myriad of people who don’t identify as another gender? And do we, as in the case of North Carolina, ask them, for the sake of common sense and consideration for others, to behave in a manner of understanding and respect for others in a private setting?

But, if we do widen the plate, what do we do to those who simply identify as biology intended? Were I you, I’d ask parents, children — those in school from elementary through college — those who work in offices and those who don’t, how they feel.

You know, sometimes the world is not fair. That’s the world. But we all try to live in it with courtesy and compassion and, there’s that word again, common sense. No matter how hard we try to make it an issue, this is not about Republican versus Democrat, liberal versus conservative, straight versus LGBT. It’s about how we choose to respond to the person that can’t throw the ball over the plate, while keeping in mind the majority of those who can.

And by the way, I recently read that PayPal refuses to establish a workplace in Charlotte due to our “discriminatory” bathroom statute. Funny, the “little” matter of human rights isn’t going to stop them from doing business in Cuba. Go figure.

Art Cole