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William Muir

Brevard, NC

President Lacks Humility

February 25, 2016 | Vol.130– No.16

What a shame it is that Barak Obama, our president, could not manage the humility it would have taken to publicly honor the memory and 30 year public service of Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia by attending his funeral Mass last Saturday. But then, we would have been foolish to expect humility from a man whose strong suit has been arrogance throughout his nearly two terms as president.

There are those who believe that Justice Scalia’s dissents from causes they hold dear were based on his personal views, but they misread his motivation. In recent years, it has become a habit of those in Obama’s political party, either because they don’t believe its legislative proposals will be approved by the Congress, or because they are just plain lazy, to bring what should be legislative matters directly to the Supreme Court for its approval, bypassing the Congress by turning the court into a legislative body.

While Justice Scalia may have had his own personal views on such matters, he dissented in many of these cases primarily because they need to pass the test of becoming laws before they are brought before the court to test their constitutionality, and if they don’t pass muster there, the Constitution must be amended before they become standing law. In other words, they belonged in the Congress, not in the court.

So given his relentless efforts to undermine our Constitution, Obama’s absence from Justice Scalia’s funeral Mass can be understood because he could not bear to spend a couple of hours in the presence of a man whose lifelong contribution to the defense of our Constitution would make his own efforts to shred it seem like so much trivia. It was probably not a tough call for the president.

God bless Justice Scalia. We’ll probably not find another one like him!

William Muir

Pisgah Forest