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What About Fiscal Affairs

Henri Erti
Jul 15, 2017

Progressives have adopted a “less is more” stance on just about everything. Apparently we must have less today so that generations to come can have more in the future.

For example, if we want our children to enjoy clean air, water and food in the distant future, we must sacrifice something today. But for some reason, the same logic of sustainability doesn’t apply to fiscal affairs and economics.

Progressives want more government debt to finance wasteful programs today without a slightest concern about the national debt burden that will be left to future generations. Where does such intellectually lazy economics emerge from?

At my alma mater, Brevard College, all students had to attend a variety of sustainability-themed courses in order to learn how to link personal decisions with environmental advocacy. Yet economics was an elective course even though coherent policy analysis — be it environmental or any other — requires sound understanding of economics.

Consequently, our education system produces supposedly highly educated individuals who base their policy analysis or advocacy on false “feel-good” emotional premises rather than rigorous economic reasoning.

Ironically, it sure would help if progressives in and outside university campuses would start from fiscal and economic sustainability today instead of tomorrow.

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Added by Jim

The fact that the free market is: faster, smarter and always more correct than the government sponsored tweekers, is somehow lost on the hords of utopian minded bureaucrats who call themselves economists! If they would only get a real job, where they produced something of value rather than try to force the world to reshape itself into their latest abstract mirage.
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