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Anthony Jeric

The grievance industry 

To the editor:
 White, non-handicapped, heterosexual, Christian heritage males (WNHCHCHMs) need to unite to protect themselves. All other groups have found profit in declaring themselves oppressed. Guess which group, therefore, must be the oppressor? Outrage and suspension of reason is constantly on display at grievance industry events. WNHCHCHMs will not be treated kindly if that industry regains political control.

Some WNHCHCHMs believe if they confess to a misuse of privilege, they will be granted absolution. That is a mistake. No amount of groveling will ever satisfy the grievance industry’s lust for power.

WNHCHCHMs must, therefore, also declare victimhood. Taking a page out of the grievance industry playbook, they can start by screaming about the disparate incarceration rates of men verses women. Once everyone claims victimhood, equality will prevail and the grievance industry’s tenure will be replaced by a return to the age of reason. 

Anthony Jeric