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Benny Huang

is a lonely conservative in the very liberal Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Born in Taiwan, he came to the United States at a young age. He embraces his new homeland and strives to make it a better place through his writing.


The “Gay” Credo: Lies Shall Set You Free

Written on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 by Benny Huang

Author and activist Ryan Sorba recently released an undercover video showing “gays” freely contradicting prevailing dogma on the subject of homosexuality. Shot at various “gay” bars in the very LGBT-friendly desert oasis of Palm Springs, California, Sorba posed as a homosexual in order to elicit honest answers to a very important question. The question was neither difficult nor misleading, and it wasn’t a “gotcha” question as some have suggested, but it was a question that few homosexuals would answer truthfully unless they believed they were speaking off the record.

“Do you believe being gay is strictly genetic?” Sorba asked. The responses he received certainly didn’t carry the Dan Savage seal of approval.

Three male homosexuals connected the genesis of their sexuality to childhood sexual abuse. All of the men volunteered this information without any prompting from Sorba. Another man admitted that he turned to homosexuality because he was “depressed[and] stressed.” After a bad breakup with a girlfriend he loved, he found little satisfaction in relationships with women, but then men propositioned him and he began to experiment. When asked if “being gay” was strictly genetic, he said it was not. “The thing is, I was never gay. Now I am, and I’m proud. I am who I am now.” When Sorba asked another man, “So you believe you became gay from the culture?” he responded, “Yeah, but I’m proud of it.” An older man declared categorically that “None of us were born gay.” One woman claims that she had a girlfriend who became a lesbian only after she was raped at gunpoint by her boyfriend. When Sorba said that his sister went the other way—from lesbian to heterosexual—the woman didn’t doubt that such a thing was possible. “That’s her choice,” she replied.

Her “choice?” That’s really quite queer, I mean strange, because the overwhelming media message today is that sexuality is genetically determined and therefore no more of a choice than eye color or height. Furthermore, it can’t be changed no matter how much one tries. The burden of proof never rests on the proponents of these dubious assertions, but on the rest of us to prove that they aren’t true.

The idea that people choose homosexuality, or that it might be the result of negative environmental factors such as sexual trauma, is often portrayed as the ramblings of clueless straight people who are almost uniformly religious and uncomfortable with modern science; people like Michele Bachman and Ben Carson, for example. How odd it is then to hear homosexuals talking very much like Ben Carson, or at least admitting that he’s right.

This just in: sex is a volitional behavior. How anyone can be shocked this revelation is beyond me.

I first became aware of Ryan Sorba and his work in 2008 when he lectured on “the Born Gay Hoax” at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. Smith is known as a citadel of lesbianism, so I knew Mr. Sorba would receive a chilly welcome, yet even I was shocked to see how he was treated. At the time I was naïve to the homosexual movement’s fascistic tendencies. No longer.

The grotesque horde of shrieking lesbians closely resembled a lynch mob. They crawled in through the windows, stormed the podium and shouted Sorba down. The police stood idly by, refusing to arrest anyone for disorderly conduct. Ironically, one halfwit student in the crowd carried a sign that read: “Lesbian Cuz I Wanna. Oh What Now?” Apparently she didn’t understand that she was actually reinforcing Sorba’s point. And to think that in the old days you had to be smart to go to Smith.

The Gaystapo thinks they won that battle because they forced the “bigot” to shut up and go home. That’s always a win in their book. Yet I believe Sorba emerged victorious because he exposed the homofascist horde as weak and insecure. Their panicky response made it clear that the central idea of their movement—that they’re “born that way”—is built on a precariously shaky foundation. They were terrified that, given the chance, Sorba would demolish their argument.

Why is the genetic basis of homosexuality so important? Plenty of homosexuals will admit that the “born that way” message carries certain political benefits that are just too important to forgo. Dr. Lillian Faderman, a professor of lesbian literature, let slip an inconvenient truth in the pages of The Advocate, a homosexual newspaper. “The concept of gay and lesbian identity may be nothing but a social construct,” she wrote, “but it has been crucial, enabling us to become a political movement and demand the rights that are due to us as a minority. What becomes of our political movement if we openly acknowledge that sexuality is flexible and fluid, that gay and lesbian does not signify ‘a people’ but rather a ‘sometime behavior’?”

Answer: It crashes and burns.

What Lillian Faderman was expressing in the above passage is her cognitive dissonance. She understands that two types of behavior do no create two classes of people. Deep down inside she knows that the “bigots” are right, that her sexual conduct is just that—conduct, not identity. But she also wants society to heed the demands of a well-organized and well-funded political movement, which requires her to publicly advocate an idea she knows to be a lie.

If you listen to what homosexuals say when they think they’re speaking to a friendly audience, you’ll find that they fret a lot about what should be said in public and what is better kept entre nous. Certain lies must be preserved because they have the power to liberate. While most people have probably heard that “The truth shall set you free,” homosexuals take exactly the opposite position. They believe that falsehoods will set them free, which explains why they despise truth-tellers more than the plague.

Benoit Denizet-Lewis is another homosexual journalist/activist (what’s the difference these days?) who understands the importance of staying on script. In an article about bisexuality, the “gay”-identified reporter admitted that he feels uncomfortable with ambiguity in sexual labels. “That kind of publicly shared uncertainty is catnip to the Christian Right…As out gay men and lesbians, after all, we’re supposed to be sure — we’re supposed to be ‘born this way.’ It’s a politically important position (one that’s helping us achieve marriage equality and other rights), but it leaves little space for out gay men to muddy the waters…”

Does Denizet-Lewis ever lose any sleep on account of his hypocrisy? I doubt it. He’s essentially admitting that the Ryan Sorbas of this world are onto something, but because they’re evil bigots he is duty-bound to perpetuate the “born gay” charade.

What Denizet-Lewis has in common with Dr. Faderman, and what they both have in common with prominent homosexual opinion leaders, is that they all believe in the power of the Liberating Lie. Such is the thinking of the reprobate mind. Their lies are politically calculated and it appears they’ve calculated well because their shameless fibbing is winning the culture wars.