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Boyd Peyton

The truth about liberals 

To the editor: A letter complained about GOP “low-information voters,” wanting an “R” by candidates’ names, implying, naturally, that Democrats have high information. Well, I’m betting few Democrats know that liberalism holds that there is no absolute truth, and that’s the absolute truth. Non-liberals will catch the circular reasoning here. But Barack Obama believes this, declaring, “We make our own truth.” Certainly Hillary follows this credo. Many Democrats do.

If there’s no truth, there’s no untruth. Lots of “good” words become meaningless, like right and wrong, honesty, fidelity, integrity, even justice. What’s a liberal’s oath worth? Everything becomes a matter of personal convenience or advantage at the moment.

Then consider that liberals also believe our Constitution is misconceived, so it can be remolded or ignored at will. Winston Churchill referred to our Constitution as the shield of the common man. How’s the common man to know who will protect his shield?

Democrats often don’t reveal their party in their propaganda even for non-judicial offices, so, sure, they don’t want the “R” to appear, either; they want to trick the voters. The “R” and “D” are the best clue to what is really in the candidate’s heart. 

Boyd Peyton