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Andrew Davis

Fletcher, NC

Thoughts on War on Terrorists

Can freedom and democracy deal with terrorism? Yes, if you recognize it for what it is, war. We may or may not need to declare a state of war but we certainly need to deal with the enemy as if we are at war because they have declared war on us. I sympathize with the “good Muslims” but they need to be more overt in their stand against radical Islam. Imagine a Christian sect today behaving like ISIS, they would be so ostracized, like the KKK, they would be unlikely to gain traction. Religions that believe you can convert with violence instead of peace and charity must be stopped. We in the West have laws that require us to mature intellectually, spiritually and morally. Unfortunately, the world of Islam with its theocratic governance is still in the Dark Ages. I recently read a book, “Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order”, and this statement stood out: “Islam and democracy are incompatible”. I hate to agree with Donald Trump but until the world of Islam changes we may need to take steps to isolate some countries and certain religious sects. I prefer that to sending our troops into their unholy wars.

Andrew Davis, Fletcher

AC-T 9-25-16