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Mychal Massie


RANDOM RANTS: I Was Right Then And I Am Right Now  By Mychal Massie Copyright 2013 

Blacks Are Victims: Because They're Told They Are By Mychal Massie Copyright 2015 

Trump Stared Down FoxNews

by Mychal Massie on February 1, 2016 in Daily RantEconomy & FinancesMilitary 11

I applaud Donald Trump for refusing to participate in the Presidential Debate hosted by the network equivalent of Children of the Corn and moderated by someone more akin to one of RoseMary’s Babies than a professional journalist.

The damnable duplicity of the political spin meisters who immediately launched into pathetically puerile attacks and taunts that Trump was afraid of tough questioning from Megyn Kelly were laughable on their face and are easily dismissed.

FoxNews and Megyn Kelly have set themselves up as kingmaker. They are proud to have it whispered that they helped bring down Sarah Palin and Herman Cain. In the first Republican Presidential Debate held August 2015, Kelly boasted ahead of the debate that she was going to make history because one of the presidential candidates would have their ambitions crushed as a result of the debate (read: Donald Trump).

Quoting WND’s Garth Kant, I noted pursuant to the aforementioned debate that: “Rush Limbaugh had learned that big-time Republican donors had ordered [Kelly and company] to take out Donald Trump…We all made a mistake, we assumed that the orders went out to the candidates, but they went out to the broadcast networks.” (See: FoxNews: Unfair And Unbalanced; 8/10/2015)