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Andrew Brooks

Skyland, NC

Wants answers regarding conditions at rally

Wants answers regarding conditions at rally

Re: the Sept. 19 John Boyle column, “Who caused ‘the gauntlet’ at Trump rally?’’

Why no mention of this, AC-T? Asheville Police (APD) is an “accredited agency” meaning they must adhere to specific “policy” that satisfies “best practices” established by the accreditation agency which is the CALEA “The Gold Standard in Public Safety”. How APD handled things was anything but “gold standard”. It actually violated APD policy 2110 “special events” under Section 46 of CALEA Accreditation. Policy 2110 mandates creating and implementing of an event specific “special event” safety plan and post evaluation retained on file two years. Policy 2110 begins with: “The Asheville Police Department has a responsibility to handle these events in a safe and efficient manner”. Let there be no doubt APD knew its responsibilities and violated its own policy. This is basic public safety no matter what one’s political position is. Conditions at the rally could have easily gotten citizens seriously injured or killed in a fight or if a panicked stampede occurred. Such tragedy could have cost the city millions in lawsuits. City leaders gambled big and it appears they did not mind using citizens as chips. Journalism used to help keep government accountable. Please step up AC-T.

Andrew Brooks, Skyland

AC-T 9-25-16